Environmental Laboratory

Laboratory for Analysis and Testing in Construction
Environmental Laboratory
Geosynthetic Profile

Depending on the beneficiary’s requests, our environmental specialists take samples of environmental factors, carry out measurements, physico-chemical analyzes and issue analysis reports.


  • Determinations of physico-chemical indicators for groundwater, surface water and waste water;

  • Establishing the aggressiveness of the environmental (natural soils and groundwaters) to concrete and reinforced concrete;

  • Carbonate content determinations;

  • Determination of emissions from the atmosphere;

  • Determinations of the content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs);

  • Determinations of the concentration of the flue gas;

  • Exterior and interior noise level measurement;

  • Physical-chemical determinations on soil samples.


  • Groundwater sampling and analysis;

  • Surface water sampling and analysis;

  • Waste water sampling and analysis.


  • Determination of the concentration of heavy metals in the soil;

  • Determining the concentration of petroleum products in the soil;

  • Other determinations of chemical compounds of industrial origin.


  • Indoor noise level measurements;

  • Exterior noise level measurements.


  • Determination of combustion gases (emissions);

  • Determination of atmospheric and VOC emissions;

  • Determination of suspended particles;

  • Determination of sedimentable powders.

GEOSTUD Environmental Laboratory guarantees the good professional practice and quality of its services through the Management System implemented according to the requirements of SR EN ISO / CEI 17025: 2018 (“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories”) and by RENAR Accreditation with the LI 922 Certificate.