• Elaboration of environmental documentation

  • Environmental monitoring reports

  • Environmental consulting


Preparation of environmental documents

  • Obtaining and revising environmental permits and authorisations;

  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR);

  • Appropriate evaluation studies (AES);

  • Environmental report;

  • Site Report;

  • Environmental management plan;

  • Environmental balance sheet;

  • Development of environmental programs and strategies;

  • Studies on biological and ecological solutions for the environment.

Environmental monitoring reports

Monitoring report on environmental factors

For the elaboration of the monitoring reports of the environmental factors we carry out the following activities:

  • Sampling of water, air and soil;

  • Perform water, soil, air and noise level measurements analysis;

  • Processing and interpretation of the results obtained;

  • Recommendations for preventing or minimizing the effects of various actions with potential impact on the environment.

Biodiversity Monitoring Report

To carry out the biodiversity monitoring report we carry out the following activities:

  • Inventory of flora and fauna in the area where works are to be performed. The monitored working groups are: habitats; invertebrates; ichtyofauna; herpetofauna; avifauna; mammals; chiroptera;

  • Identification of habitats and fauna species possibly affected by the execution of works;

  • Evaluation of the impact generated in the different execution phases of a project on the environment;

  • Proposing measures to reduce or eliminate the impact produced;

  • Verifying the efficiency of the proposed measures, both during the execution of the works and after their completion (during the warranty period).

Environmental consulting

Dispersion studies

The dispersion study includes technical information obtained from field measurements, graphs, charts and maps, respectively:

  • Pollutant dispersion maps;

  • Distribution maps of species of conservative interest;

  • Noise maps;

  • Action plans (air, noise, water, soil);

  • Hazard maps for environmental factors.

Consultancy and services for the decontamination activity

  • Analysis or preparation of the decontamination project documentation;

  • Preparation of sampling plans and specifications, including execution graphs;

  • Sampling from sites to be analyzed in standardized containers in accordance with the environmental protection legislation in force;

  • Transport of samples, under optimum conditions of temperature and humidity, to the environmental laboratory with cars from Geostud’s endowment;

  • Consultancy and technical assistance on site to monitor the compliance of the decontamination works with the project requirements;

  • Preparation of reports and statements of the case specific to the decontamination activity;

  • Preparation of plans and remedial measures where necessary;

  • Maintaining the relationship with the competent authorities throughout the project.