About Us

GEOSTUD was established in 2001 and specializes in the development of geotechnical studies, laboratory tests, technical expertise, design, environmental reports, environmental impact studies, environmental balance sheet, environmental management plans, site reports, appropriate assessments, biodiversity monitoring reports, studies on biological and ecological solutions for the environment, consulting and services for decontamination activity and so forth.

GEOSTUD has implemented and maintains the Integrated Management System Quality & Environment & Occupational Health and Safety in accordance with the legislation in force for the following activities:

  • Design and technical consultancy;

  • Development of geotechnical studies;

  • Technical expertises;

  • Project audits;

  • Geotechnical monitoring services;

  • Technical assistance for the execution of the works;

  • Technical tests and analyzes, laboratory tests;

  • Climate change studies for projects, plans and programs;

  • Modelling of GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions generated by certain projects;

  • DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) studies for projects/plans;

  • Development of environmental impact studies;

  • Appropriate evaluation studies;

  • Monitoring of environmental factors;

  • Monitoring of biodiversity components;

  • Natural resources prospecting;

  • Research and development studies in the geotechnical and environmental protection fields;

  • Other studies required by the authorities.


GEOSTUD has laboratories authorized ISC (State Inspectorate for Constructions), AFER (Romanian Railway Authority) and RENAR (Romanian Accreditation Association) accredited.

Laboratory of Analysis and Testing in Construction



GEOSTUD staff consists of specialists in the management and development of national and international projects in the fields of engineering and environmental protection, respectively: doctors in engineering, geological engineers, technicians, AF (Quality Standard in Construction) verifiers, technical experts, C.F.D.P. (railways, roads and bridges), project verifiers, environmental protection engineers, experts on climate change, authorized environmental assessors, experts on biodiversity components, biologists, chemists, forest engineers, ecologists and so forth.

The company has as major concerns the maintenance of a high technical level of investigation and reporting in the fields of environmental protection and geotechnics, as well as the involvement in the major European programs, which are running in Romania. In this regard, special attention is given to the endowment of the company and professionally training the staff in accordance with the EU regulations and concepts.

GEOSTUD is a member of two professional societies (ARACO – ROMANIAN ASSOCIATION OF ENTREPRENEURS OF BUILDING and the Sanitation Society), three scientific societies (Romanian Geotechnical and Foundations Society; National Commission of in Situ Behavior of Constructions; Romanian Geosynthetic Society) and two international societies – International Geosynthetic and Foundations Society; International Society of Geosynthetics – participating in national and international congresses and conferences in order to support scientific papers.