With the expansion of motorway works, the rehabilitation of railway lines and the start of work on new metro lines in Bucharest, GEOSTUD is expanding its fleet of machinery in order to successfully cope with new approaches and to continue to align with European Union quality standards.

Thus, Geostud recently purchased two fully equipped drilling rigs for the execution of geotechnical studies.

With this investment our company is able to execute multiple and highly complex works in the field of geotechnics and special foundations.

“We are constantly investing in the future. Staff training and machine performance are our main concerns. That’s why we have increased our machine fleet with the Beretta T44 and Beretta GT15 models. We wish our teams in the field good luck and a lot of luck in using the new machines”, says Petru Nicolae, Geostud General Manager.

The two machines drill in soil and rock with disturbed and undisturbed sampling with Shelby, Denison, Mazier and Liner sampling. We also carry out standard dynamic drilling to check the consistency or settlement of soils.

The existing high performance equipment and the superior qualification of the staff make it possible to meet Geostud’s commitments to existing Beneficiaries and to take on new national and international infrastructure projects.