On Monday, 27 June, in Bucharest, a meeting took place between the Extraordinary Ambassador of Sweden to Romania, Therese Hydén and the 100% Romanian owned company, national leader in providing integrated services in the fields of geotechnics and environmental protection, Geostud.

“The exchange of experience that will follow between the private sector and the educational institutions of the two countries will facilitate new development opportunities and create future professionals who will actively contribute to the stabilization and development of the economy of each country”, declares Petru Nicolae, Geostud General Manager.

During the meeting, projects from all Geostud’s fields of activity were presented, namely: geotechnics, environmental protection, climate change and circular economy studies, decarbonation studies and decarbonation capacity of projects, technical expertise, monitoring of environmental factors (water, air, soil, noise) and biodiversity components.

Also on the agenda were topics such as: improving collaboration between public, state institutions to achieve positive results for both citizens and the environment; the importance of the transition to the Green City and how Geostud combines technical and nature-based solutions with the aim of creating and sustaining harmony between nature and the human environment.

“The meeting was an excellent opportunity to exchange views and recommendations, to learn different ways of approaching problems, but also the possibility to open up opportunities for collaboration, in order to promote and implement plans for environmental protection, measures to minimize the effects of climate change and methods of converting cities into green cities”, declares Vlad Sandu, Geostud Deputy General Manager.

Ambassador Therese Hydén’s experience and vision for research, innovation and development in the above-mentioned areas opens new horizons for stable and sustainable partnerships with positive economic effects at national and international level.