Geostud continues the tradition this year with its active presence at the hybrid event Danube Delta Stakeholders Meeting integrated in the International Symposium “Deltas & Wetlands 2022”, organized in Tulcea by the National Research and Development Institute “Danube Delta” (INCDDD).

The symposium brought together more than 200 specialists and researchers recognized both in Romania and at the international level (Dr. Delia Dimitriu, Dr. Prof. Angheluta Vadineanu, Bart Fokkens, Chairman of the European Centre for River Restoration, Dr. Prof. Costel Negrei, Magdalena-Andreea Strachinescu-Olteanu, Head of Unit DG MARE – Maritime Policy and Blue Economy Directorate Maritime Innovation, Marine Knowledge and Investment Unit , Dr. Prof. Liana Cipcigan and others), who were given the opportunity to present their scientific work in the sessions of the Symposium “Conservation of biodiversity in Wetlands – endangered habitats and species” and the activities of the 3D Initiative (Decarbonizing Danube Delta).

The papers comprised 4 sections, covering several research areas, namely: biodiversity and nature conservation, natural resources and socio-economic issues; environmental factors, ecological restoration and anthropogenic impacts; new research approaches to the EU’s climate change challenge. carbon neutral 2050; geographic information system and modelling application system.

During the symposium, the 3D Initiative (Decarbonisation of the Danube Delta) held workshops, attended by representatives of the European Commission, central, regional and local authorities in Romania, universities, research institutes and the private sector (SMEs and NGOs) from Romania, UK, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Portugal. The aim of the workshop was to present the experience of the 3D Task Force and to signal the need for sustainable actions and activities in the Danube Delta area.

As part of the 3D initiative group, GEOSTUD, through its delegated team, was actively involved in the symposium, presenting the following scientific papers: „Building a Framework towards Netzero Mobility in Danube Delta”, Dr. Delia Dimitriu, Dr. Emilia Pecheva; „The impact of climate change on the biodiversity components in the Danube Delta”, Dr.Ing. Raluca Ioana Nicolae, Ecologist Ştefan Cătălin Popescu; „Climate change mitigation: the role of circular economy in Danube Delta to reduce carbon footprint in several sectors”, Dr. Eng. Raluca Ioana Nicolae, Ecologist Ana Brăileanu, Dr. Delia Dimitriu.

“Given the current context of climate change, we intend to implement, through concrete actions, measures to protect and conserve the biodiversity components of the Danube Delta. We are also proposing environmentally sustainable solutions to reduce carbon emissions, using the principles of the circular economy in key economic sectors to decarbonise them,” says Dr. Eng. Raluca Ioana Nicolae, Head of Environment Department, Geostud.

The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digitization, BENA Association, organized in partnership with Tulcea County Council, ICEM Tulcea and ARBDD Tulcea and offered participants from over 19 countries the ideal framework for disseminating scientific knowledge, organic, sustainable, regenerative farming practices in the Danube Delta as well as opportunities to establish new partnerships.