On 25 July 2022, Dr. Hélio Campos, representative of the Portuguese Foreign Trade and Investment Agency in Romania, visited Geostud’s offices in Bucharest, a company that has 100% Romanian capital and is a national leader in providing services in the fields of geotechnics and environmental protection.

“The visit was an excellent opportunity to exchange views and recommendations, as well as to strengthen partnerships and future collaborations in order to promote and implement environmental protection plans, measures to minimize the effects of climate change and methods to green investments”, says Petru Nicolae, Geostud’s General Manager.

During the meeting, Geostud representatives presented national, European and global projects and events in which the company has taken part so far, emphasizing the importance of its efforts in creating connections with international stakeholders in all its fields of activity, namely: geotechnics, environmental protection, monitoring of environmental factors (water, air, soil, noise) and biodiversity components, technical expertise, studies on climate change and circular economy, as well as studies on decarbonation.

protecția biodiversității

Climate change and its effects on biodiversity, an extremely important component for large infrastructure projects, was a focus of the meeting. In the current climate context, both Dr. Hélio Campos and Geostud representatives agreed that it is imperative to intensify actions to encourage and promote the implementation of circular economy principles. In support of this approach, Geostud has already developed and implemented in its activities the process of soil decontamination through sustainable and sustainable methods.

protecția biodiversității

“In the near future, we want to create as many stable partnerships as possible at national and international level, so that we can implement all the proposed projects to create and sustain harmony between nature and the human environment”, says Ionuț Vlad Sandu, Geostud Deputy General Manager.