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Road test laboratory
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Roads’ tests laboratory, ISC authorized as 2nd degree competence laboratory aims to respond the requests of the constructions market by the output, according to the Romanian and European norms, of the laboratory and field determinations, which lead to the geotechnical studies elaboration and also to the specific tests to verify the quality of the works from the constructions.

The laboratory is certified by AFER, ARACO and sustains the quality and environment management system, SR EN ISO 9001/2001, SR EN ISO 14001/1997 and SR EN 17025/2001.

This activity has 4 profiles: GTF, MD, D ANCFD and collaborates, interdisciplinary, to the similar laboratories.

The Roads’ tests laboratory has specialized personnel, prestigious coworkers, professors and specialists with length of experience.

The laboratory is equipped with performant devices and equipment which realize, in technical and environment conditions, the tests for which it is authorized, according to the Romanian regulations.

Endowments for the roads’ tests laboratory

- Laboratory endowments and “in situ” tests
1 Light dynamic penetrometer
2 Lukas board
3 Benkelman lever
4 Shearing device with blades
5 Pocket penetrometer
6 Manually device to take undisturbed samples
7 O 2 manually drill
8 Casagrande device
9 Sand equivalent device
10 Balance:
  • Hydrostatical with 0.01 g accuracy
  • Analytical with 0.001 g accuracy
  • • Technical with 0.5 g accuracy
  • 11 Semi-automatic weighing machine 100 kg
    12 Direct shearing device
    13 Edometrical device with 6 cassettes
    14 PROCTOR device 100, 150, 200 mm
    15 Site vibration device
    16 Sieves set
    17 Tests press
    18 Multiplex device 50 – E with CBR, Marshall and triaxial static
    19 Soxhlet device
    20 Casagrande air meters
    21 Laboratory thermometers
    22 Thermo controlled oven.
    23 Field densimeter (volumeter)
    24 pH meter ad Consort 834 conduct meter
    25 Spectrophotometer type PF 11
    26 Burettes
    27 Specific laboratory glassware: scaled glass cylinders, porcelain cup, geamuri ceas, Berzelius and Erlenmayer glasses, tubes, pipettes
    28 Water analysis specific reagents: calcium, magnesium, potassium, ammonium, iron, azotates, azotites, sulphates, acid carbonates, carbonates, phosphates, alkalinity, hardness, carbon dioxide






    Intel Pentium IV


    Minolta QMS Printer


    Specialized software


    * - profile being authorized

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