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  Environmental and chemistry laboratory
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Environmental and chemistry laboratory

The Chemistry and environment laboratory’s activity domain is to make chemical-physical tests and measurements on the environment quality and protection indicators.

This activity has 4 profiles: air (emissions and imissions), soil, water and measurement of the environment’s noise level and vibrations.

The laboratory is authorized, according to the Environment Protection Law no. 137/1995 and the Waters and Environment Protection Minister, AFER and ARACO, showing the accordance to the quality system laboratory.

Endowments for the chemistry and environment laboratory


- Air Profile
1 Delta 2000 CD portable burnt gases’ analyser, TÜV By Ry G 192 industrial version
2 ACCURO pump with indicator vials
3 VARIAN atomic absorption spectrophotometer

- Water Profile
1 PH-11 photometer
2 UV – VIS HACH – ODYSSEY spectrophotometer
3 G 08 CAST conductometer
4 P H 08 CAST pH meter

- Soil Profile
1 DIGESDAHL HACH device, make 23 130 – 20
2 COD – HACH reactor, make 45 600
3 HACH ODYSSEY spectrophotometer, make DR/2500

- Noise and vibrations Profile
1 QUEST 2900 sound meter
2 VA – 11 RION portable vibrations analyser


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