GEOSTUD was set up in 2001 and its fields of activity are:

  • studies and geotechnical surveys for infrastructure (civilian constructions, roads, bridges, railroads)
  • hydrotechnical constructions
  • consolidation of the weak foundation lands and the earth flows stabilization
  • programmes studies and environment strategies
  • impact studies upon the environment
  • monitoring the environment elements and balances

You can also find here the Geosynthetics Central Laboratory, the Roads Laboratory (GTF, MBM, B, BA, BP, VNCEC, ANCFD, MD, D, RAILROAD profiles) and the Chemistry and Environment Laboratory (WATER, AIR, SOIL, NOISE profiles).

Geotechnical studies

Enviroment Studies


Studii pentru Roads and bridges ! Roads and bridges Elaborarea studiilor de impact asupra mediului. Impact over the environment Primul si singurul Geosinthetics laboratory din tara. Geosynthetics central laboratory
Elaborarea de studii pentru constructii civile. Civilian constructions Realizarea de Environmental survey. Environment balance Laborator de drumuri. Roads?hemistry and environment laboratory tests laboratory
Geo studies pentru prevenirea si eliminarea alunecarilor de teren! Slopes and gradients stabilization Monitorizarea factorilor de mediu. Environment monitoring Laborator de chimie. Environmental and chemistry laboratory
Geotechnical studies privind constructiile hidrotehnice. Hydrotechnical constructions Elaborarea de programe si strategii de mediu. Programmes and strategies In situ tests

Geotechnical studies, geologice si hidrotehnice Studii de mediu,monitorizari,bilanturi Laborator central
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